Welcome to pyRinexpro’s documentation!

pyRinexpro is a Python client for the rinexpro API.


pyRinexpro can be install using pip

pip install pyRinexpro

Getting Started

The first step is to import the pyRinexpro module and to instantiate a pyRinexpro.Client using your API key

>>> import pyRinexpro as rnx
>>> client = rnx.Client(API_KEY)

From the client you can create a pyRinexpro.Session by uploading a session file

>>> session = client.uploadSession("your_session_file")

Once the session preprocessing is completed, which should take about 20 seconds, you can create and run a pyRinexpro.Process from this session

>>> process = session.newProcess('ppp', mode='static')

Once the process is completed you can get the resultat as a pyRinexpro.Log object

>>> log = process.getLog()

Trajectory can be transfom into a pandas.DataFrame object

>>> log.trajectory.df()

Results can be exported to geojson, kml and kmz

>>> log.to_geojson('new_file.json')
>>> log.to_kml('new_file.kml')
>>> log.to_kmz('new_file.kmz')